Combining photography with various media Frank Rainer Heckers develops inspiring techniques that integrate 3-D printing,
moving images as well as acrylic and encaustic media. Much of the work requires viewing in person to be fully appreciated.
This site is an overview of finished and progressing series. For viewing contact

mixed media - 50x33"

Layered arrangements of unassuming
moments reveal the true character
c-print/moving image - 60x40"

Casual occurrences. A typical night in New York?
Connecting print and video as a single entity this innovative combination lures the viewer
into an unconventional immersive experience to explore the intriguing solitude of the night.
c-print/montage - 28x36"

A series that defines hidden moments reflected through windows and glass objects.
It reveals the fragility and bold confidence of the feminine
in familiar mundane places in exotic locales.
c-print - 40x44"

Glimpses of the real world captured in uncontrolled settings
signal sometimes humorous and sometimes serious thoughts.
This series depicts an average day in life itself.
c-print - 80x60"

A study of ironic contradictions.
Shot around New York in found places this group explores the beauty,
business and chaos that is inherent only in this city. Simple in composition yet grounded
in abstract details the size of these images encourage one to walk into the frame and be seduced by the subtlety.
mixed media collage - 28x36"

A series that explores the concept of persona and self-image
and illustrates the interplay of masqureade and revelation.
mixed media - 40x32"

Reflections on encounters in the interconnected realms of physical and spiritual individuality.


Combining analog and digital media Frank Rainer Heckers crafts visuals that ignite an imagination. With a focus on minute detail in a single moment he dissects a situation with clever ingenuity. The combination of various media and applied techniques inspire an organic viewing experience.

Equally at home in a studio or immersed in nature Frank Rainer Heckers creates an experience exploring the abstract within real-world references. In constant dialogue with the complexity of life itself and the human spirit he reflects a delicate interpretation via layering verse or imagery easily missed by the casual observer. And currently, with a command of merging old and new technology he delves into an exciting new realm, 3D printing and projection. Using this technique he invites the viewer in a whole different way, through immersive light and perspective. Frank Rainer Heckers' innate ability to capture an authentic connection much like a fly on a wall is his gift. And, this gift is what infuses his work with cinematic narrative that is intellectual, provocative and introspective.

Frank Rainer Heckers was born in rural Germany. When he was gifted a camera at the young age of twelve he immediately took to the darkroom and the art of taking photographs of anyone, anywhere and at any time. His first series was inspired by girls on bicycles. His naturalness behind the lens led him to study photo and film at Dortmund which then took him to Düsseldorf where he began his career as a freelance photographer in advertising and publishing. In quick secession he was invited to Paris where he quickly immersed in the world of high fashion, publishing and conceptual commissioned work. Today he lives and works in New York.



+1 646 543 2530